Can I start as a beginner?
Yes! RPS offers modifications of every exercise so you can succeed at every level. Our growing on demand library also includes different levels of workouts so you can decide exactly what works for you (& that can change daily!) Start with one of our Foundation programs to build up a strong base of knowledge and confidence, then move into any of our schedules or programs after!

Do I need props to join?
Any of our workouts can be done without props or with common household items instead. However, we do love props and highly recommend them as they allow you to connect deeper and can provide both assistance and challenge. You can find an updated list of Ruth’s favorite props in the RPS weekly newsletter! Make sure to sign up so you can stay in the loop :) TIP: use the “No Equipment” filter in the on-demand library to see all of the classes without props.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime without a fee?
Of course! We want you to love the platform and stay with us but also understand things change. Cancelling is super easy. Simply log in, select “Purchases” and you can cancel or modify your subscription. You can also email if you ever need more assistance.

I need more motivation. How can RPS help?
We are your biggest cheerleaders and want you to succeed in all areas of your life. You will have the support of the RPS community at your fingertips anytime. We also create curated weekly schedules to follow so that it's simple to plan your classes. Following any of our Programs is a great way to stay on track with your new fitness habit.